TheoLogic Systems Products

Over our 21 years of operations, TheoLogic Systems produced Orthodox Christian software tools which became valuable resources in hundreds of parishes and homes throughout the country. They included:

Deacon Parish Management System

Deacon was the first and only parish management software designed exclusively for use in Orthodox Christian churches. For 19 years its use in the Orthodox Christian world grew to make it the most widely used parish management software in Orthodox parishes in the United States and Canada, with over 300 installations.

On March 8, 2010, the Deacon Parish Management System, was acquired by ParishSOFT of Ann Arbor, Michigan. ParishSOFT, with a user base of over 4,000 parishes and dioceses throughout the United States, has offered church management software and web solutions since 1998 and is one of the fastest-growing and most successful church software companies in the U.S. As part of its committment to serve Orthodox Christian parishes, ParishSOFT's developers have incorporated the features and Orthodox parish experience of Deacon into their software.

Sales and support for Deacon have been discontinued, and the sales and support staff at ParishSOFT are available immediately to all Deacon software users to assist in making the transition to their products. For more information and for ways to bring this exciting development of new productivity to your Orthodox Christian parish and to take advantage of tremendous promotional offers to TheoLogic Systems customers, click here to visit ParishSOFT.

IconoGraphics Orthodox Clip Art and IconoGraphics ColorWorks Icons

For over 20 years, IconoGraphics was the premier series of Orthodox Christian Clip Art for the PC and Macintosh! The product line featured IconoGraphics 3, with over 1,250 pieces of Orthodox Christian Clip Art, icons, borders, frames and graphics, all in crisp black-and-white line art, making them perfect for use in bulletins, flyers, service books and other reproduceable materials. It also included IconoGraphics ColorWorks, a series of 103 magnificent color icons, hand-painted in the Byzantine style by Orthodox monks on Mt. Athos, provided in both screen and print resolutions for easy and flexible use.

FaithWorx Electronic Patristics Library

In the days before vastly powerful Internet searches provided access to millions of books and publications, the FaithWorx Electronic Reference Library provided one-stop access to important collections of writings from the Church Fathers and contemporary Orthodox authors. From the homilies and writings of Saints John Chrysostom and Saint Basil to popular modern works by Fathers Nicon Patrinacos, Anthony Coniaris and Stanley Harakas, the FaithWorx collection provided cross-platform searching and full texts of valuable Orthodox Christian texts.

Other Product Offerings

From early implementations of Greek word processing to the IconoFonts Orthodox Crosses font, TheoLogic Systems provided tools and opportunities for Orthodox Christian parishes to better meet their information technology needs in ways that combined "Tradition and Technology" (sm).

Orthodox WorldLinks

Prior to the age of Google and other powerful Internet search engines, finding reliable Orthodox Christian web resources was time-consuming and tedious. Orthodox WorldLinks from TheoLogic Systems was one of the earliest and most widely-linked Orthodox Christian reference sites, featuring links to Orthodox Churches, institutions, businesses and many other spots of Orthodox interest.